Colonial farm & villas for sale

This small colonial village is located 27km south of Sao Tome city with beautifull  green landscape due to frequent rain. It is composed of 4 cottages with 2 rooms each , 2 storey Portuguese colonial farm house, garage , building for leisure and several plantations including cocoa trees ,coconut trees, palm trees, banana trees , ginger etc .

Property summary:

Size : 53 hectares of very fertile land  with option for more hectares.
Villas : There are 4 cottages with 2 bed rooms each.
Buildings :  1 colonial house , 1 store house, 1 office building, 1 leisure house and saloon, 1 workshop building 
Type : Rural Tourism  & farming 
Land Tenure : Leasing renewable automatically every 50 years ( if not abandoned) .
Location : South of Sao Tome Island
Road Status : Good
Distance from the beach: about 10 min walking.
Electricty and Water: There is a small power plant with a 50 kw generator. The water is tubed from a mountain.
Status of the property: needs maintenance
Asked price:  €350 000

Description :

This property has been a colonial plantation farm and than a Rural Hotel.
Due to bad management ,the current owner cannot afford  to keep this beautifull rural hotel working as such.
Each of the 4 villas has 2 bed rooms , 1 sitting room , toilette and a varanda. 
Near this farm there are also  about 50 rural  workers living in a comon house called "Sanzalas" with their source of income coming from the cultivation of their lands . These workers have no dependency from the farm as all of them are also the owners of small parcels of land on the neighborhood . Optional the buyer can also buy the rights of some of these workers land and enlarge the total area of this farm until the sea where there is a beautiful beach..